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New Martinsville West Virginia How To Organize Your Shed For Back To School


Our Victorian model is a timeless profile equipped with large, double hinged doors for excellent accessibility with heavy equipment.

New Martinsville West Virginia What To Consider When You Buy A Shed

Hi Barn

The Hi Barn model is the best choice for clients concerned with limited space in their homes, with its open layout and high capacity design.

New Martinsville West Virginia How An Artisan Shed Is Better


The Quaker shed is a uniquely appealing option that provides ample storage space along with oversized doors that allow use as storage for equipment and vehicles.

New Martinsville West Virginia Does Your Business Need A Shed?


The versatile Workshop shed is an outstanding space for crafts, and its secure design makes it a good choice for housing valuable items.

Keeping Your Shed Clean
New Martinsville West Virginia Feeling Disorganized? Why Your Family Needs A Shed

Customized Platforms

Build a storage solution with the ideal combination of materials and layout options.

New Martinsville West Virginia What A Handmade Shed Has To Offer

Individual Service

Our design staff will be happy to outline the most effective options for your specific needs.

New Martinsville West Virginia Unique Sheds In Town

Fast Turnout

We can create and customize most of our standard models within just 4-6 weeks.

New Martinsville West Virginia Too Much Stuff? Get A Shed!

Unrivaled Quality

Our utility structures are crafted using time tested techniques to deliver years of reliable service.

New Martinsville West Virginia No More Clutter: We Need A Shed!

Direct Delivery

We can deliver your customized shed fully assembled at your convenience.

New Martinsville West Virginia Impress Your Neighbors With A Gorgeous New Shed

Precision Placement

The specially designed SHED MULE allows practically limitless placement your new utility structure.


Add these appealing utility structures to your exterior spaces to add value and versatility.

  • Mini Barn
  • Workshop
  • Quaker
  • Hi Barn
  • Victorian
  • Cape Cod

There are an incredible number of ways to get the most out of my new Workshop model. I stow all of my garden equipment inside, and it's also a good space to practice my clarinet.

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Alan D. Forte

SMS Studio

The Hi Barn made my choice easy. Space was priority number one, and this design had plenty of it. I also liked the classical barnyard design, it was a unique touch in my urban backyard.

testimonial-left images

Jenny J. Maness

TNT Marketing

We are the BEST choice for
Amish Sheds Built On Site in New Martinsville, West Virginia.


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Information for New Martinsville, West Virginia

New Martinsville, city, seat (1846) of Wetzel county, northern West Virginia, U.S., on the Ohio River, about 32 miles (51 km) southwest of Wheeling. Settled by Edward Doolin in 1780, it was later called Martin's Fort to honour Presley Martin, who bought the land and organized defense measures after Doolin was killed by Native Americans. The name was changed to Martinsville in 1838; 'New' was added in 1846 to avoid confusion with Martinsville, Virginia.Wetzel County Courthouse, New Martinsville, W.Va. Rrenner The city's economy is based on the manufacture of chemicals, glass, and aluminum. The New Martinsville River Heritage Days and Regatta is an annual event held on the Ohio River. Inc. town, 1838; city, 1950. Pop. (2000) 5, 984; (2010) 5, 366.

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Top five shed-buying tips

1. Wooden, metal or plastic shed?

Wooden sheds are made from softwoods - usually pine (sometimes referred to as redwood or red deal) or spruce (white deal). A few are larch or Douglas fir and, in theory, these should be slightly more resistant to rot. Most rot-resistant of all are cedar sheds, but these are almost twice the price of pine ones. Most sheds sold in the UK are made from wood, but there are other options. Metal sheds won't rot or burn down, but they aren't exactly pretty and can be tricky to assemble. Also, condensation tends to drip from the roof of these, limiting what you can store inside. Some have sliding doors, which won't blow shut when you're struggling to bring in bulky items. Plastic sheds are relatively maintenance-free, and usually fit together easily. Taking them apart when moving house should also be straightforward. However, their looks may not appeal to all. Whatever type of shed you decide on, be sure to check out the best and worst shed brands before you buy.

2. Shed size

If you have space, we'd recommend you opt for a shed measuring at least 6ft x 8ft. This size has double the floor area of a 6ft x 4ft shed, and room for a work bench along one side. If the shed is to go in a very confined space, make sure you know its precise dimensions. The size quoted by the supplier may not include the roof overhang.

3. Sturdiness

With time, a flimsy shed is likely to develop a sagging roof, distorted sides and a door that won't shut properly. Check for sturdiness by standing inside it, jumping in the centre of the floor and pushing against the centre of the side and roof panels. You should feel firm resistance rather than flexing. Also, check that the wooden timbers supporting the roof have no large, dark-edged knots, as these are prone to fall out.

4. Keeping the rain out of a shed

Wooden sheds often leak and rot because of rain running down the walls. To minimize such problems, the roof should overhang the sides by at least 5cm, and the front and back by at least 7.5cm. Measure from the inside edge of the roof, not the outside. Rain is less likely to run inside the top and bottom of a door if it has a strip of wood (weather bar) over it to deflect the water. Ideally, there should be a weather bar at the bottom, too. Windows are prone to rot at the bottom unless they have sloping sills with a drip groove - a groove cut beneath the sill to help water drip to the ground. When standing in a closed shed, the only place you should see daylight is through the windows. Avoid sheds with gaps - if they let in light, they'll also let in rain.

5. Shed access

You'll need to ensure that those who will be using the shed can get in without tripping over the doorway threshold or banging their head. Also, check the doorway is wide enough. Single doors range from about 3ft wide to just 2ft 2in. The wider the opening, the wider the items you'll be able to bring inside. If a shed you like has poor access, check whether higher eaves (allowing extra headroom) and/or a wider or double door are available as optional extras.
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